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On a great sunny day, your child can get out and feel the breeze on their face as they casually cruise along the cul-de-sac and become the coolest kid among the crowd with their trail blazing, ultra-cool, super fancy scooters. These scooters come equipped with all the safety required for a nice and quick zip with friends across the playground. Why just walk across the playground when you can ride an uber cool scooter designed to keep your children safe while riding it and ensure a fun ride. Even toddlers can have a ride along on these scooters as they are built with safety features to keep every child of any age safe.

Designed and built by the experienced company Evo, who deal in all kinds of scooter and have been doing it for a long time. Petrol scooters, electric, and normal, Evo makes all of them and of top notch quality. Rooted in the United Kingdom they deliver around the world themselves and through agents. Evo have an array of great products as aforementioned and some of these great products are:

EvoPowerboardsUberScooter 24V 100W Scooter (Pink)

Perfect for that little tyke that wants to roll around the playground and get noticed! This flashy pink color will surely make others envy your child, who will want the pizzaz your child brings to the playground and will soon be pining their parents to get them one too so all of them can ride together as a group. But it would not just be the color that gets everyone’s attention, oh no! The safety features and the great foot to motor design will be as if your little one is riding their own vehicle, but at safe speeds of course. This scooter is first pushed by the foot, which then activates the motor. This motor then drives the scooter around. It has a top speed of about 10 mph so you need not worry of high speed collisions. It comes with the charger to charge the motor. The tires are 8 inch rubber tires grooved for grip. With a maximum 5 mile range per charge you can twist that throttle to fun!

EvoPowerboardsUberScoot 2x 50cc Scooter by Puzey Designs

Motor designed by Puzey, a world renowned motor company you can expect a bit more power than your average everyday scooter. Coming with a front cam link suspension, it provides a great and smooth ride it without any resistance. And for the first time comes a two speed gear scooter box changing up the scooter game. The may features include:
A Front Cam link suspension for smooth rides
A world-first two speed gear box
A whopping 50cc engine with 2 strokes
A strong and firm aluminum deck that is bound to stand up to any and all abuse put to it
Safety features including disc brakes with levers made of aluminum
Completely adjustable handlebars fit for any height.
With a great tires, with 11 inch frames.