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Bugatti for kids

Are you planning to buy an amazing surprise for your kids for the upcoming holiday season? It is better to buy something uncommon and let them to experience a wonderful holiday ahead. Buying a Bugatti Divo for your kids surely will be the surprise of the season for them. With this awesome piece of joy and wonder, they will be more than happy.

This 6V Bugatti Veyron ride on car provides amazing features to assure maximum joy and excitement for your loving kids. With this advanced remote controlled car, your kids will get the realistic feeling of riding the world’s fastest and most expensive car. Its design is elegant; it is realistic and fully featured.

Adding more beauty and value to this elegant remote controlled ride on car, manufacturers have included a fully featured MP3 player input and speaker system. It makes your kids happy while riding this nice piece. The MP3 player got a volume control to perfectly control the music volume while riding. The seat belt will assure the safety of your kid and it will also make them to feel like riding a real Bugatti. The light system of the car also looks realistic. All these features together make the whole unit an amazing experience to your kids.

Making things more realistic, this ride on Bugatti car is equipped with a detailed funky dashboard. It will make your kids to experience a real ride with a real little car. In fact, this is a good experience for kid to learn and experience an expensive ride at their young age, until they drive a real car by themselves.

Talking about the functionality of this Bugatti Divo ride on kids’ car, it is powered by a rechargeable 6V battery. With the AC charger provided, you can easily recharge the battery and make your kids to ride again with no hassle at all. A smart battery indicator is included to inform about the battery level precisely.

The wheels of the car are so realistic. Concerning the safety and the health of the kids, these wheels are made of top quality non-toxic durable plastic. They are also made to be anti-skid with the rubber stripes and therefore concerned as another safety precaution in addition to the beauty it provides. Thinking more about the safety of the user, a safety button is included. It will quickly stop the car with a single button press in the event of an emergency.

Its lights are perfectly made to appear and function just like the real awesome Bugatti car lights. The seats of the car is wide enough (12”) to provide maximum comfort to the rider. This car can tolerate a weight up to 50lbs without any problem.

Below are the main features of the car in brief format.

Lifelike wheels: made of high quality nontoxic plastic and anti -skid
Mp3 input and volume control
Lifelike lights
Battery indicator
12′ wide seat
Rubber Center Strip on Tires
Safety Stop Button
Battery:AC charger and 6v battery (included).
Dimensions: 115x69x48CM
Weight capacity: 50 lbs

At the conclusion, this is one of the best gifts you can offer to your kids during for upcoming holiday.