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Luxury Electric Cars For Kids

Beep-Beep! It’s your happy child driving around. Have you imagined the picture?

Kids have a lot of fun when riding electric cars – they feel themselves alike their parents while driving on licensed Mercedes – Benz, HUMMER Jeep, BMW, or maybe its a time for coolest cars like licensed Bentley, Jaguar or any high end sport car . Let your child feel as he driving a real car.

Electric ride on cars is a type of ride-on toy, which works on batteries and can be remotely controlled. If you kid is too small to drive a car themselves, you can do this yourself using the remote. The vehicle is powered by motor and is made of plastic non-toxic materials that are completely safe for children. This powerful engine ensures for a ton of fun and these ride on vehicles include other features such as Bluetooth, storage box, adjustable speed, 12V 2-speed, and more.

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Reasons to Choose Remote Control Cars For Kids

Beep-Beep! It’s your happy child driving around. Have you imagined the picture?

  • 1. Additional exercises for children while play.
  • 2. Staying power. Your kid will never get bored of such toy. Long years of enjoyment from the eclectic cars are guaranteed.
  • 3. No matter what type or model of electric car you will choose, you can be completely sure it is a manufactured, well-researched and thought out vehicle.
  • 4. Tested product. Ride on toys for children are properly tested to guarantee the safety of your kid and security of driving.
  • 5. High performance – electric cars may be driven on the path (in your backyard, or in the park), on the grass, on sloping ground and so on.
  • 6. Easy manuals explaining how to use a car and how to overcome any difficulties (if they appear).

Electric Cars for Kids: Specifications

Depending on the type of the vehicle you are going to buy, and the age of your child, specifications may differ in following criteria.

  • 1. Electric cars can move up to 3-4 ml/hours, and sometimes they can accelerate to 5ml/hour.
  • 2. Battery power can vary according to the type of a battery – from 6 to 24 volt.
  • 3. Time of uninterrupted drive – 1.5-4 hours (depending on the type of vehicle and weight of the child).
  • 4. Weight capacity – up to 50-150 pounds.
  • 5. All our ride on cars can ride with their headlamps turned on and equipped with lights and sound effects.
  • 6. There are no closed angles, so the safety of your child is guaranteed.
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5 star rating

This is amazing! Easy to assemble. The remote control Is wonderful makes for safety and fun! It is everything it says it is and more. Highly recommend!

Tammy - Washington
5 star rating

Great toy car for myself and for my son. Customer service was great. They assisted me in programming the remote to the car.

Sean Brathwaite - Miami
Kids Car

Electric Childrens Cars From Kids VIP

You can buy electric cars for kids in the variety of their colors, sizes and variations. They look like real cars and make children feel comfortable and confident. We do our best to update our selection of ride on cars frequently as possible to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. Let's give your child endless moments of happiness together. Do not save on children – give them the most enjoyable present with high end build quality and safety. They're not children forever so make sure you give them the best memories you can provide.

Powered Ride On Toys: 24V, 12V Electric Kids Cars

Ride on cars made for children are a lot of fun and allow a child control of their very own vehicle. These children electric vehicles are battery powered. These kids electric ride on 12V or 24V can run for quite some time before needing a recharge. It's important to get a ride on vehicle for a child that's a good fit based on that child's interests. Since there are plenty of options on the market, Kids VIP provides only quality ride on cars for kids any kid to enjoy!

Types of Electric Ride On Toy Products We Offer

You can find all kinds of different battery powered ride on toys for kids with Kids VIP! You'll be able to get a van, SUV, sports car, cop car, and any other kind of vehicle you can imagine. Think about how cool it would be to be able to tell your friends that you have a Lamborghini that your kids play with on a regular basis! Before you buy anything, it is good to look up photos of various vehicle makes and models. Then, it will be easier to track down what you want for a price that you know you're going to be happy with.

Benefits of Remote Control Ride On Vehicles

The nice thing about these kinds of toys is that they can stir up the imagination of the child that is playing with them. These toy vehicles are so much fun to play with that you'll see your kid find quite a bit of happiness in their new kids battery powered toy! There are a lot of games that can be played with the vehicles that you can find being sold. For instance, a child can pretend like they're a police officer and can make believe that they are in charge of enforcing traffic laws - learn more about the additional benefits of ride on cars! There are many benefits including parent control, sound system, storage trunk, LED lights, Bluetooth, spring suspension, and more.

Age Considerations For Kids Battery Powered Toys

It's a good idea to look at how old a child has to be to enjoy a kids toy electric ride Most of the time, this kind of toy is great for kids ages 3 and up. Know that there are generally going to be weight requirements so if a child is older and is over the requirement, they may need to find a different toy that is able to support them playing with it.

Features and Materials of Toddler Ride on Cars

Battery powered motors are one feature of ride on cars that kids can enjoy for a long while before the vehicles need to be charged. There are also toys that have multiple speed settings so a child is able to go fast or slow depending on what they're wanting to pretend they are doing. You'll find that you can go forward and in reverse so it's fun to do things like learn to park the vehicle in a tight spot. The vehicle may be made out of heavy duty plastics and/or metal that will help it to last a lot longer even when played with heavily. We have many types including a Land Rover ride on toy, BMW ride on, Audi, and more.

Now is a good time to get a child you know a ride on car for kids that they're sure to enjoy. There are many great options and now you know a little more about what to expect. You can buy an electric vehicle or electric ATV for your child at affordable prices. Have fun with the best ride on cars with Kids VIP - Browse All Ride On Cars!

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