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Ride on Toys for Toddlers – The Best Present for Your Child

What can be more exciting than ride on toys for toddlers? Riding across the house or yard, accompanying adults during park walks, or enjoying free time during summer vacations is impossible to imagine without ride-on toys. They will be a perfect present and favorite toy for a kid of any age.

How Ride on Toys for Toddlers Work

It is a vehicle that can be driven by children by the power of their bodies and legs, or talking about battery powered cars – with the help of motor. These cars allow children of all ages to improve their coordinative skills during the game. Ride on toys are available in various sizes, materials and variations. The most common of them are:

Push ride-on toys – they are operated by the power of a kid feet, or an adult pushing the vehicle. They can be a great present for toddlers. You may choose classical cars, their animal versions (mice, dragons, ponies, etc.) and many other kinds.
Pedal-powered ride-on cars are operated in the same way as bicycles and are usually bought for older children. They come in various designs and replicas too.
Motor-driven vehicles. These may be battery powered ride on toys, or gas-powered vehicles. Children can ride them outdoors in safe locations. Your kid will enjoy the variety of cars, jeeps and other vehicles of such type. Some of ride on toys have limit in weight up to 150 pounds.
Scooters are great toys for older children with fully developed sense of balance. It is highly recommended to buy protective padding and helmets to make their rides safe.

Some of the previously described vehicles are difficult to master, while others of them are intuitively operated by children. Here is a crib note for you to make sure you are going to buy an appropriate car in accordance with child’s age:

1 years and older – ride-on cars

2-4 years – three-wheeled bicycles

3-4 years – training bicycles

6-12 years – motor-powered cars

By choosing a ride-on car for your offspring, pay special attention to the size of a toy, its age and weight limitations and possibilities of your kid.

Advantages of Battery Powered Ride on Toys

What benefits can you get except a happy face of your child while receiving the present and enjoying it? They are the following:

Additional exercises for children
Improvement of coordination and balancing skills
Increasing kids’ confidence in their actions
Inspiring of children independence and outdoor play
Training of muscle groups

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