McLaren Electric Ride-on Car

If you love speed and performance wrapped in a sophisticated manner, then McLaren is one of the best sports cars you can acquire. This is not only true for the real ones but also for your kids’ electric cars. They have mimicking features, including the design, for your kids to have a taste of class.

At Kids VIP Online, we have the best collection of McLaren electric cars. This includes our gorgeous McLaren P1. All our ride-on cars are licensed, which guarantees you of quality in every way.

Skills Improved by a Ride-on Car

Nurtures Creativity

Gifting your kids a ride-on car is like giving them a fun puzzle that can be connected in any way to make whatever they want. This is because, with a ride-on car, they can come up with many ways to utilize the car and have endless fun. This develops their creativity and imagination, which is useful throughout life.

Driving Skills

Ride-on cars are fitted with working pedals, steering wheels, working lights, and many other features that are available in real cars. These features help your kids learn how to drive, which they’ll find easier to do once they have real vehicles.

Turns Them into Explorers

Welcome to the outdoors! A ride-on car is like a key for your kids to discover the outdoors. While its fun to have fun in a car, kids also become curious about the various spots in the backyard and neighborhood where they can play, race, or even park their car. This curiosity is important in life, and it also promotes independence.

Cognitive Coordination

Driving a ride-on car requires coordination between different parts of the body, i.e., brain, hands, legs, and eyes and various parts of the car. By learning how to synchronize all these parts when driving a car, your kids develop cognitive coordination.

McLaren Ride-on Cars Main Features

Realistic Designs

Our collection of McLaren cars features realistic features, including functional turn lights, startup sounds, “butterfly doors,” and many other features. This makes your kid a part of the McLaren family, and they enjoy all the comfort that comes with it.

Parental Controls

Remote controls are included to make sure that the parents have a way to watch their kids as they drive without following them around. The remote controls give them the power to take over driving whenever they deem necessary. This also keeps the kids safe as you can quickly maneuver them away from danger.

Multiple Speeds

Our McLaren electric cars for kids have changeable speed limits. This allows the parent to select the right speed limit for their child, depending on their skill level. For example, our McLaren P1 has three speeds – 2/3/4 MPH. This means that you can choose the lowest speed for a beginner or a young kid and increase it with time.

Safety Features

A ride-on car is basically a small but still powerful car for your kids. This means that their safety when driving or playing with it should be paramount. Our McLaren ride-on cars are fitted with safety precautions, e.g., safety belts, to ensure that your kids stay safe.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Ride-on Car For Your Kid


Always consider your kid’s age when picking a ride-on car for them. This is because ride-on cars are built to accommodate a specific age group based on size and weight. Always choose the right one for your kid’s comfort when driving.

Special Features

Features that make a cruise around the neighborhood exciting for your kid should always be integrated. These include working lights, inbuilt speakers, control buttons on the dashboard, and mp3 players, among others.

Protective features

The safety of your child, even during play, always comes first. Make sure that the ride-on car you purchase has features such as safety belts, protected electric components, parental controls, and nonskid tires.

Changeable Speed

With variable speed, you’ll be able to increase or decrease the speed limit of the ride-on car. This is vital as a beginner should not be allowed to ride on full speed until they grasp what they’re doing.

Let your kids have fun as they ride the most stylish McLaren ride-on cars in the market. Gift them one today!

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