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Bobby Cars for Kids

Bobby cars are toy cars created for kids from the ages of one and above. The typical, standard model of a bobby car is plastic red car with four wheels. The length of the car is 60 cm and the height is 40 cm. Bobby cars are extremely popular amongst kids and adults too. They are designed in Germany almost five decades ago. Italian model Testarossa served as a model for the design of this toy car. What is really nice about this car is that it has kept the exact same design since its invention in 1972. The bobby car is extremely durable and strong, and it is even used for racing competitions. Classic model has a sound starter, horn and a feature for permanent driving.

The main purpose of the Bobby car initially was to help toddlers to learn how to walk. The seat is very comfortable and it looks like a motorcycle seat. The car moves forward when the toddler starts swinging with its legs. Car`s steering wheel is pretty big and functional. The car is so strong it can hold up to 100 kilograms of pressure. Bobby cars today come with lots of new features, colors and accessories. There are Bobby cars with trailers, connecting rods and big tires. There is also a Bobby car variant as a tow truck, fire truck and police car.

Bobby cars have unique, yet simple design. They are also very stable. Because children can often ride on these cards wildly, Bobby cars have wheels that are assembled with cap studs. These studs have metal claws which securely connect to the axles. That way they protect the wheels from falling off.

Bobby car models come with a set of reserve wheels. Plastic sleeves, hammering tools and caps are also included in the spare set. If you want to disassemble the caps, first you must insert the plastic sleeve inside the tool for hammering and position it in the cap. Hit the tool gently until the metal claws start disengaging. Cap can be removed by using a screwdriver. After that you can take the wheels off. It is recommendable to ask for help from experienced people for disassembling the wheels. There are a few parts that require caution not to damage the vehicle parts.

In order to reassemble the wheels back again in the Bobby car, you have to take down the axles and then attach the wheels. The wheel should be properly fitted to the axle. This can be achieved by firmly striking the cap to the point it evenly and securely holds the axle. In order to ensure the safety of the children that drives the Bobby car, double check whether all cap studs are securely and properly fixed to their axles. They must hold firmly the wheels in order to prevent them from falling off.

Bobby cars are perfect gift for young children. Besides learning to walk, kids will surely enjoy the fun that comes from driving these nice and durable vehicles.