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Exotic ride on

Since Christmas is right around the corner, less than a month now, many kids have finished making their wish lists for Santa and sent them away to the North Pole. This year, among the various other requests for toys, games and clothes, is the request for a child size Exotic ride on, designed for kids in mind. Offered by Kids VIP online, which is a site that sells many mini-sized ride-in models designed for children and toddlers, modeled after some of the biggest models in the automobile industry, think Mercedes Benz, Lexus, Mini Cooper, Hummer and more.

Not only will this product serve for hours upon hours of various fun and games for your child and their friends but it is also a great way to, in reality, teach your child the “responsibilities” of owning and operating a vehicle, in a small scale kind of way. This model, from Kids VIP online, is styled after the real model Exotic Cayenne. Just like the real thing, it is a luxurious and sleek model that offers two ways of being driven. It can be driven and rode by the child or it can be driven via the included parent remote control.

Other features include in this great Christmas present is a built in mp3 player, where your child can blast his or her tunes, similar again to the real life model of the Exotic Cayenne. The ride-in also comes complete with both horn and engine sounds, just like the real thing. Suitable for toddlers and children weighing up to sixty pounds, this ride-in model is the epitome of great gifts for the child that wishes to grow up and drive, well before their years. This particular model comes in a variety of colors, from sleek silver to bright red or flashy yellow. Of course, the lights on the ride-in are totally functioning and the interiors are of leather design. For safety, all of these models from Kids VIP come with seat belts and the wheels are made of completely life-like materials, similar in construction to that of real tires. All of these mini Exotic Cayenne models come with a rechargeable battery, just plug in for a few hours and the car will run for endless hours of fun.

What makes this an even greater Christmas gift for your child is the extremely competitive pricing offered by Kids VIP online. From other retailers, you might just break the bank trying to buy a kid-sized version of the Exotic Cayenne, but from Kids VIP online, this is a reasonable and affordable gift. Coming in at just four hundred and sixty-nine dollars, this Exotic Cayenne model is currently on sale, saving you almost two hundred dollars.

Not sure this is the right fit for your child? Don’t worry, Kids VIP offers a renting procedure to “try out” their ride along models. For just fifty dollars and a three-hundred and fifty dollar deposit that will be returned if you aren’t satisfied with the product, you can take this mini Exotic Cayenne model home for a test drive.