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Jaguar for Kids

One of the classic toys for kids and toddler are electric ride on cars for kids.  These toys offer your children a fun way to feel grown up, which often what children want in their toys.  Toy cars have been around for decades and there are many different companies that make a wide variety of types of these cars.  In recent years these toys have gotten very realistic, which is increasing the fun for both the children and their parents.  Now there are even these cars that are realistic models of other cars out there.  One of the many examples of this are the Jaguar ride on cars for kids.

One of the models of Jaguar’s ride on cars is the 2015 Sport Edition Jaguar Fx, which is a new model for this season.  This model is able reach speeds of around 5 to 7 kilometers per hour.  The car is completely electric and has a twelve volt battery with an AC charger, which is included.  There are two forward speed options as well as neon lights that will flash to make the driving experience more realistic.  Two of the most distinguishable features in the Jaguar Fx are the plug in for a MP3 player, which works with any device that has a headphone jack and allows you children to play their favorite music while driving around, and the parental remote control, which is able to move the car forward and backwards and turn the car and has a power switch.

There are two modes, the remote control mode and the battery operated mode, and it is very easy to switch between these two modes.  This toy also has a seat belt so your children will be safe while they drive around.  There are two color options for this car, a red paint and a blue paint.  The tires on the care are also very lifelike, which just increases the fun for your children, and they are made with a nontoxic material that is also antiskid to increase the safety.  The dimensions are 124 cm by 71 cm by 75 cm.  This model can hold up to 70 pounds and costs $489.99.

Kids love to act like adults when they play and a great way to do that is through ride on cars, and the more realistic the car the better.  Well with the 2015 Sport Edition Jaguar Fx, your child or toddler will be riding in one of the most realistic and one of the safest toy cars.  They will be having the time of their lives all while being the coolest kid in their neighborhood.