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BMW I8 for Kids

Your kids can now drive in style with the BMW i8 for kids.  It has a real sound of engine and horn and headlights that make a truly satisfying and genuine experience.  The interior of the BMW i8 for kids is equipped with high-quality innovations such as connector of MP3 and battery gauge.  BMW i8 for kids has been proven safe and secured for your kids ages 2 and above.  The strip traction together with the speed of 2.5-8 mph guarantees that your child will enjoy every minute of driving the car safely and securely.


2.5-8 mph reverse and forward option will definitely provide an enjoying experience.
Strips of rubber are added to provide better traction and stability
A functional headlight together with the realistic sound of engine and honk that will truly give your kids a unique experience.
The interior dashboard is packed with the latest innovation in kid’s cars, which include a battery indicator and Mp3 connections.
50x23x15 inches
Lighting effects
A 12V motor that is designed to beat the other cars for kids off the trail.
Perfect for ages 2 and above
Leather seat
Perfect wheel replica.  Made from 100% non-toxic materials that are safe for kids.
60 lbs weight power
12 V battery

You will surely be surprised on the detail of this BMW i8 for kids.  Looks like the team who made this happens make sure that the BMW i8 for kids will resemble the real deal.  And in case that your kids are too young to drive the car, the car comes with a parental control.  The remote control works a lot similar to a typical remote control of a toy car that enables you to control the maneuver of the car.  Best of all it only needs a minimum assemble to build the entire car.

The similarity of this BMW i8 for kids from the real deal is outstanding.  Kids can drive the car either from the steering wheel and car pedal or through a parental remote system, both of which are promising to give you the same sleek car movement.   The remote control comes in 4 channels, which include the forward button, backward, turn left, and turn right and also the power switch.

Nothing has come close when it comes to the attention to the details of this car.  It does look like the real deal.  Made form high-quality products that can stand the test of time.  The durability of the product is top notch.  It is normally sold at around $479.00, but you can get the BMW i8 for kids for their special price of $389.99.  You surely don’t want to miss this offer.  Surprise your kids this coming Christmas, this car for kids is the car to top them all.