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Lexus Car for Kids

Lexus features some of the best and unique designs and features in the automobile industry. The style and luxurious looks it brings into our lives are unsurpassed.  This also applies when it comes to the kids ride on cars. They are overly adorable and realistic.

If your kid loves automobiles or adores your car, imagine how happy they would be to ride their own Lexus kid’s car. Treat them with one of our Lexus ride-on models. Our range includes LX350 and LX570.

What Skills Improve by Owning a Lexus Kids Car?

If you get your kid(s) a Lexus ride on, they will enjoy the smooth rides in the neighbourhood as they gain so much more. Owning a kids’ ride on car builds specific skills that are vital in your kids’ life. These skills include:


Everything we do in life requires a certain level of coordination. By driving ride on cars, kids get to learn how to harmonize the whole process of driving. This is vital, as everything else they encounter when growing old requires coordination.

Driving skills

Lexus ride-on cars feature realistic designs which help develop your kids’ driving skills. These skills are essential when they grow older. This is because they get to learn how to drive real cars faster and safely due to previous exposure.


Winning in life requires strategy. This takes time to develop, but with a ride on car, your kid gets competitive faster and learns how to play and win fairly with others.

Develops an Interest in Exploration and Adventure

By owning a ride on car, your kids are pulled away from the indoors, and they start exploring the outdoors. They learn about different routes in their neighbourhoods and appreciate small and huge things they encounter while on wheels. By exploring one place, there are pulled to venture into other areas and discover new things. This is important in life as it pushes us to learn and achieve new things.

Main Features of Lexus Kids’ cars

Construction. Our Lexus kids’ cars feature heavy-duty and safe construction to ensure long-term continuous use. This sturdy construction is not only featured on the outside but also the interior components.

Dual Speeds. Lexus LX350 and LX570 have dual speeds which allow the parent to set the right one for their kids as per their experience. They have a high speed of 5mph for experts and a lower speed of 2.5mph for beginners.

Dual Controls. The ride-on cars feature manual controls and parental remote controls. The remote control feature allows parents to take over driving when necessary. This ensures their kids remain safe.

Special features. Lx350 and LX570 have extra features that make them some of the best cars for kids. These features include mimicking lights, media output, inbuilt speakers, seat belt, and other features that make them fun and luxurious for your kids.

Kids Electric Car Buying Guide

Model: Choose a model that fits your kids’ style, including design and colour. If you own a Lexus car, or you’re planning to acquire one, buy your kids the same model. They’ll love it when they floss in the same style as you.
Additional Features: Select a kids’ car with extra features because this will make the car more fun to cruise in.
Controls: A car with dual controls always comes as an advantage since you’ll be able to control your kids’ car when needed. This comes in handy when they’re still learning to drive the new car.
Age: Buy an age-appropriate car. For example, the LX350 is recommended for kids between two to six years.
Safety Features: Safety belts, hidden electric components and well-rounded edges ensure your kid stays safe when using an electric car. These features are a top priority in all Lexus kids’ cars.

Let your kids ride in style by choosing one of our Lexus models. If you need more information about the LX350 and LX570, feel free to contact us.