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Ride On Ferrari For Kids

Ferrari ride on cars are the ideal gift for kids. The ride on car have the look and the finish of the real Ferrari and there are many different models to choose from. Kids will be the envy of all their friends as they are seen on one of Ferrari’s many ride on models. There are different Ferrari ride on cars for kids each with different features and colors showing you can find the right Ferrari ride on car for your kids.


Each Ferrari ride along car is electric giving your kids the ride they can enjoy with little effort. Some models come complete with a remote control allowing you to be in control of your kids Ferrari ride along car. These models that feature a remote control include:

Ferrari F12
Sport Ferrari Style F

The advantage of the remote control allows parents to control the Ferrari before your kids can reach the foot pedals. This means that kids are able to grow into the Ferrari F12 and the Sport Ferrari Style F ride on cars.

Other models that do not have the added remote control include:

Ferrari F430
Ferrari California

These Ferrari models without a remote control allow your kids to be in control at all times so they can enjoy their Ferrari ride along car without having to rely on adults.


Many ride along cars will only accommodate one child but there are two ride along models that allow two kids to sit in the one car. This allows for a siblings or friends to play together. The two models that include an extra seat are:

Sport Ferrari Style
Ferrari California

If you are looking for a ride along electric car for more than one kid, then look no further than Ferrari cars that feature two seats instead of just one.


If you are looking for a Ferrari ride along for kids that comes with extra features then the Sport Ferrari style is the electric ride along model for you. This Ferrari F series comes with a remote control and two seats making this ideal for the parent who wants control for two children. In addition this also has a USB and an MP3 connection fitted that allows kids to listen to music while cruising in their very own Ferrari ride along. Other cool features of the Sport model include:

  • Working lights
  • 2 Speeds
  • Working doors
  • Anti skid lifelike wheels
  • Switchable remote control or battery control
  • Capable of carrying 50 lbs

All of these features allow your kids to experience the ultimate in Ferrari electric ride along cars and is the closest experience to sitting in a real Ferrari.

Ferrari have many different electric ride along models but the Sports Style F series model is the one that is packed with the most features. Why not treat the kids in your life to the ultimate luxury and consider a Ferrari model ride along electric car.