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Hummer has been built and designed to travel the ends of the earth. Although hummers are no longer being made, they are still some of the most versatile vehicles ever made, allowing you to test your limits while connecting with the outdoors in ways you have never dreamt of. Moreover just like the people who drive them, each hummer car is unique.  It was born as a military vehicle and soon a civilian version of hummer was created on request of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The original Rough Rider and hulking version of Hummer was renamed Hummer H1 and general motors’ introduced 2 more models, as small and tamer vehicles, the H2 and H3. These had better handling and drive and a much cushier interior as compared to H1 and better gas mileage.


Hummer has been known for its bold and heavy look and now the little ones can even enjoy their own Hummer riding experience. Kidsviponline brings you a collection of different models of Hummers for your little explorers. The Hummer H2, Hummer H3, and Hummer HX battery powered ride ones are an original replica of the real Hummer series. These battery powered cars a miniature version of their full-sized counterparts and they promise a similar riding experience for children. The vehicles are bulky in appearance and give the same imagination filled and enjoyable experience to little drivers. The two-seater vehicles come with 2 forward and 1 reverse gear, pretend seat belts and chrome Hubcaps and Front Grille. The ride is fitted with fun little features like rugged tires and working horns. Unlike the full-sized version of hummer which is designed to travel even off-road, the rugged tires of the battery powered version can only be rode on dry grass and hard surface.

The maximum speed at which the Hummer can travel is 5mph. The maximum load capacity is around 66lbs and is best suitable for kids 3 years and up. The motorized riding toy comes with a 6 volts rechargeable battery and a charger. All the models are available in a number of colors such as black, white, mango yellow, and green. The 6V battery propels 2 passengers when the pedal is pressed and brings a car to a smooth stop too. It has deep treaded plastic wheels including chrome caps that glide smoothly over paved surfaces.

Some of the other features of the car include

R/C: yes
MP3 connection: yes
Engine sound: yes
Volume control: yes
Key ignition: push button
Charging time: 8 to 12 hours
Motors: 2
LED Headlights: yes