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Kids VIP provides top quality cars on sale, exclusively. Kids VIP offers several types of powered cars.

At Kids VIP, you do not just have cars available but you also have some different types of motorcycles that you can ride easily and enjoy in the outdoors.

Electric Motorcycle For Kids

The New Moto Sport 24V 500W electronic motorcycle is a super sport bike for kids that comes with a cool look and colored design. The kids will feel as if they are riding an actual motorcycle when they drive this car. The car comes equipped with a front and rear brake system which adds to its authenticity.


There’s plenty of features that the Kids VIP boasts including a 2x12V battery, 1x 24V 500W motors, 110V charger included, a frame made of steel, padded seat and a weight capacity of 120LB. Moreover, the bike speeds up to 15mph and weighs 120 LB. The product dimensions of the bike measure up to 49x22x32 and come with 3 speeds, which can make you adjust the speed according to how you like.

While the electric motorcycle is not a good choice for toddlers, it is electric operated and you can easily ride on it. You can easily ride on the bike without and enjoy a smooth and free ride.

The Electric Motorcycle for Kids brings a brand new experience of riding at the helm of your disposal. You can ride the car up to 15 mph and it is best suited for kids who are 13 years of age. The bike can stand a weight capacity of 120 lb. and is overall a great machine to have if you want to just ride and have a good time.

Overall, the kids electric motorcycle is a must have if you are a fan of riding on dirt and outdoor in general. With its sturdy built made of steel, the bike can surely last for a good amount of time. Additionally, the bike also has a padded seat that will make you feel like the ride is extremely comfortable. This means you can sit on the bike for long hours without having to worry about getting tired.

The Electric Motorcycle For Kids is a great bike that you ought to have if you are a fan of riding bikes on dirt or on the road. It is made up of fine quality and will work amazingly well on any platform. The bike is suitable for kids aged 13 or plus. Moreover, the bike comes with a special price tag of $449.99. Even though it was priced at $589.99, it is now priced at $449.99, which means you save $140. It is good, it is long lasting and the bike is a must have for kids who love an electric motorcycle and want to have some fun.