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If you want an exciting toy for your kids to enjoy that will have them feeling like mommy or daddy driving around their awesome car, you can get a high quality, brand name ride on pedal car from KidsVIPOnline.com. Kids miniature cars are great fun for kids and toddlers ages 2 – 5 years old. They allow they child to be in control and cruise around at safe speeds around the yard, driveway, or along the street with parental supervision.

Electric cars from KidsVIPOnline.com come with remote controls that allow you to control where the child is going, how fast the car will go, and more. This makes it a safe and fun activity for both you and your child!


One of the most exciting things about these pedal cars and ride on cars are the brand names that produce the kids cars. Here are some of the best known brands that offer ride on cars and pedal cars:


The 31 BMWs on offer are well made, safe, and very attractive. Your child will feel like they’re actually driving around their own sports car!

Aston Martin

It doesn’t get much sportier than this. There are 3 different Aston Martin vehicles for your kid to enjoy.


Although these are some of the world’s fastest cars, the children’s miniature models have limited speed capabilities in order to keep the children inside safe.


Chevrolet are well known for being reliable. These little kid versions are no different, and your child is sure to love any one of the 5 models available.


Jeeps are known for being all-terrain and versatile. While these miniature cars are not the off-roading types, they can be great fun for your kids to drive around the yard or the street. There are 22 models of Jeeps offered.


Hummer makes big, fun real cars and offers 19 models of fun miniature cars for your toddler or older kid to enjoy.


Let your child feel like a real racer when they pedal around in their Lamborgini model car.

Rolls Royce

There are 2 Rolls Royce models available to add a little class and elegance to your children’s toys.

Mercedes Benz

56 different models of miniature Benz cars are available for purchase. Each is modeled from a specific Mercedes made by the actual company.


Let your kid cruise around in their little luxury vehicle when you get one of the 2 different Lexus cars offered.


For a sporty look and a fun driving car, order one of the 11 Maseratis available for purchase.

Range Rover

Known for their powerful and stylish 4×4 vehicles, Range Rovers make a good choice for your kid’s pedal car. They offer 7 different models.

Land Rover

Land Rover is another brand that combines high quality vehicles with off-road capabilities and style, making it a fun choice for your toddler. There are 7 Land Rover cars.

More brands available online!


Switch between pedal power and remote control electric power
Fully electric and easy to charge
Based on real car models and concepts
Completely safe for toddlers and children ages 2 – 5
Fun for use on short grass and hard surfaces