Bentley Electric Ride-on Cars
The design, class, power, elegance, and beauty of Bentley cars make them some of the most superior and eye-catching cars in the market. Driving a Bentley car is a sure way to attract attention whenever you make a turn or a stop. This is why your kids should have one as they’ll get to experience Bentley’s power and performance.
Our Bentley ride-on cars for kids are licensed by Bentley, and they have all the great features found in their respective models. At Kids VIP Online, we have several Bentley ride-on models for your kids, including Bentley EXT12 Continental, Bentley FJ520, Bentley Continental GT, and Bentley SUV Bentayga.
Read on to find out why you should get one for your kid.
Skills Improved by Ride-on Cars

Motor skills

Motor skills can be categorized into fine and gross motor skills. With a ride-on car, your kid develops and defines both of them. This is because a ride-on car has many parts to be steered, pressed, pushed, opened, and closed during play. Doing this helps your kid learn how to coordinate all of them.

Adventure and Exploration

A ride-on car is an invitation to the outdoors where your kid has a lot to explore and venture into. Your kids drive around looking for the best spots to race and new cool places they can spend their time. This urge to find and explore new spots is essential not just when they’re playing but also later in life.

Spatial Intelligence

Playing with ride-on cars helps your kids develop or enhance spatial intelligence. This is simply the understanding of the surrounding space and things that are found in it. When driving a ride-on car, kids learn to look out for holes or stones on their way and avoid them by making maneuvers. This is spatial intelligence. Observing and reacting to our surroundings is part of our lives.

Driving Skills

Ride-on cars are fitted with steering wheels, foot pedals, and other features that are found in real cars. This means that if you get your kids a ride-on car, they acquire vital driving skills from an early age.
Main Features of Electric Bentley Ride-on Cars

Real-life Features

Kids VIP provides you with Bentley ride-on cars fitted with realistic features such as startup sound, design, working head and tail lights, turn lights, and many other features. This gives your kids the real Bentley experience when driving.

Safety Features

The safety of your kids when playing with ride-on cars is always our priority. This is why our Bentley ride-on cars are integrated with well-protected electrical components, safety belts, antiskid tires, and other features that ensure your kids’ safety when playing.

Numerous Speed Settings

Bentley ride-on cars are fitted with changeable speed limits. This allows the parents to set the speed limit they see fit as per their kid’s age and driving skills.

Extra Features

Our Bentley ride-on cars are full of additional features to make each ride your kid takes exiting. These features include media players with USB and MP3 inputs, inbuilt speakers, and illuminated dashboard, among other features.
Features to Consider When Purchasing a Ride-on Car For Your Kid


Driving electric ride-on cars requires safety precautions. This is why it’s important to make sure that the car you purchase for your kids has safety belts, no sharp edges, and locked/hidden electrical components. This keeps your kids and the vehicle safe.


A ride-on car should feature high-quality, durable, safe materials both on the exterior and interior. This ensures that the car serves the kid for several years without breaking down or causing harm to the kid or others.


An excellent ride-on car should have manual and remote controls. This means that your kid can drive around with the manual controls, but when they get stuck or start heading towards danger, you can take over and drive using the remote controls.

Kids Preference

Buy a car that your kids prefer. For example, if you own a Bentley Continental GT, your kids would prefer to have the same model and color as you do. If you don’t own one, buy a brand and model with designs and features that they love.
Bentley is a superior exotic car with class and unsurpassed performance. Give your kids an experience of the luxurious life by purchasing the closest Bentley ride-on car to a real one.

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