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Bentley Electric Ride On Toys

Our selection of Bentley kids cars feature quality designs and premium construction. At Kids VIP, we provide you with the best products with the lowest prices.

Bentley Kids Vehicle Features

Design: Our Bentley kids’ cars feature the exact designs of their respective models.

Unique features: Fitted with numerous special features to make the rides more exciting.

Speed: All ride-on models feature two speeds.

Control: Our models come with both manual (wheel) and remote controls.

Competitive Prices, Quality Products

From ages 0-2, ages 2-4, ages 3-6, and ages 6+, we have Bentley cars for kids. From indoor to outdoor, these ride on toys are a great choice for any parent.

We have several Bentley ride-on models for your kids, including EXT12 Continental, Bentley SuperSport, FJ520, Continental GT, and Bentley SUV Bentayga.