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Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric ATV for Kids

Many children and toddlers enjoy some adventures and adrenaline during their spare time, and gifting them with electric cars is the go-to option for a lot of parents. Among a variety of models and brands, electric ATVs are one of the top all-time favorites.

5 Considerations for Your Kid’s Electric ATV

Kids VIP has selected a number of important aspects parents and guardians should consider before buying an electric ATV for their children, regardless of model or manufacturer – read along to understand what these considerations are.


The number one general concern parents have when buying electric cars for their children is safety. Therefore, upon buying an electric ATV, ensure it has all the safety features you require – parental remote controls, seatbelts, speed control pedals, brakes and a slow speed limit. 

Kids VIP offers a great variety of super safe ATVs – we ensure our clients’ satisfaction is our number one priority, including the safety of children.

ATV Models

Our ATV models and types provide full-time fun for kids. We have 12V Ride on Toys and 24V car models from famous brands such as BMW, Audi, Honda, or Lamborghini to offer your kid the ultimate security and style while they are enjoying their ATVs.

It is advisable that parents choose an ATV model based on how compatible the weight and size of the vehicle are with their child – this way, there is no mistake when it comes to choosing the right electric ATV.

The Engine

Considering the type of engine an electric ATV has is also a matter of safety. Parents and guardians should purchase an ATV model that suits the driving skills of each child based on their strengths and weaknesses at the time of driving. It is recommended that parents choose the lowest cubic centimeter unit number prior to purchasing the right ATV.

The Tires

ATV tires must be stable on different road conditions in order for kids to drive safely through holes or ditches – therefore, parents should check if the tires are sturdy, the depth of tread and the type of thread the ATV offers. An angle tread provides a better tolerance for mud, while a paddle tread is good for roads with a lot of sand.

Overall Maintenance

Normally, electric ATVs are very sturdy and strong vehicles built in a way that doesn’t require regular service. Although there is no need for regular maintenance, parents and guardians should still teach and help kids to take good care of their electric vehicles by parking at safe places or cleaning any debris from them.


Contact Kids VIP for All of Your Electric ATV Needs and Concerns

We provide great electric ATV models for our clients made from sturdy materials and with the utmost safety. You can check our various models and brands on our website or contact us at 844-543-7847 for any questions or concerns.

We provide free shipping all over Canada – so don’t wait any longer and call us today!

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