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Yellow Big Kids 24 Volt Ultra-Violent Complete Edition Drifting Go-Kart

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Introducing the 24V Kids’ Ultra-Violent Edition Drifting Go-Kart, a powerful and sleek drift kart designed specifically for kids. Only available from KIDS VIP, this go-kart is optimized for high-speed cornering and underbody aerodynamics, allowing for jaw-dropping stunts like high-speed drifting doughnuts. With upgraded, silent, and heat-resistant 24V HP motors, this ride-on delivers exceptional performance on paved surfaces. The long-lasting 24V 7A battery works in conjunction with the motors, enabling speeds of up to 6-9 mph. The front switch allows for seamless transitions between high and low speed, and the user-friendly gear stick provides forward and reverse directionality. The dual pedal design, with accelerator and brake pedals on the right and left respectively, enhance children’s motor abilities, agility, cognition, and critical thinking. The Ultra-Violent model features two EVA-rubber wheels in the front for maximum traction and control, as well as 180° drifting wheels in the back for thrilling drifting power. The luxurious interior includes a premium eco-leather seat and a safety seatbelt for added comfort and safety. The front bumper bar adds security and acts as a collision shock absorber. This go-kart can comfortably carry up to 70kg and is recommended for ages 6 and up. With this innovative model, KidsVIP guarantees hours of fun and surpasses all expectations. Simply buckle up and get ready to drift away! Please note that this model does not come with a Parental Remote control.


    Brand  Big Kids 24 Volt Ultra-Violent Complete Edition Drifting Go-Kart
    Color:   Yellow
    Seats: 1 seat for 1 rider
    Seat belt:    YES
    Battery:    UPGRADED: Total 24V Power
    Motors:    UPGRADED: Bigger 2x24V HP Motors
    Lights & Music:   UPGRADED: YES
    Start type:    Push-button
    Brake type:    Brake pedal
    Wheels/Tires Material:    UPGRADED: Front Eva Rubber Wheels
    Maximum speed:   6-9 mph
    Dimensions:    52.5′ x 29.5 ‘ x 20.5’ inc
    Carrying weight:    Up to 140 Lbs
    Recommended age:  5-6 Years and up
    Warranty: KidsVip offers Lifetime On-Site and Remote Tech Support on all our products and provides a Warranty for 6 months on electrical parts including chargers and batteries, wheels, and non-electrical parts

KidsVip also offers an additional  full 2 or 3-year warranty that includes all-electric parts  and support (please read more information at checkout)

    Warranty battery:    6 Months
    Availability: Product in stock


Design and Construction

An In-depth Look at the 24V Kids’ Ultra-Violent Edition Drifting Go-Kart

Drift into the future with the uniquely designed 24V Kids’ Ultra-Violent Edition Drifting Go-Kart. Crafted with an eye for aerodynamics and optimized for high-speed cornering, this kart is every young racer’s dream come true!

Construction and Durability: Materials and Build Quality

Built with upgraded silent and heat-resistant 24V HP motors, this kart is engineered for performance on paved surfaces. Its durable construction is underlined by the use of a robust 24V 7A battery, which powers the kart to achieve speeds between 6-9 km/h!

Safety Features: Keeping Kids Safe During Playtime

Safety is paramount. Hence, the kart features a premium eco-leather seat equipped with a seatbelt. Additionally, the front bumper bar ensures additional protection and acts as a collision shock absorber.

Entertainment and Comfort

Luxury Interiors: Seating, Dashboard, and Controls

Your child’s comfort is taken care of with the luxurious eco-leather seat. The user-friendly gear stick, easily accessible speed switch, and dual pedal design (including an accelerator and brake pedal) all ensure an elite driving experience.

Fun Features: Lights, Sounds, and More

Beyond its impressive mechanics, the kart comes equipped with upgraded lights and music features, amplifying the fun and excitement of every ride.

Ride Quality and Comfort: What Kids Can Expect

With its dual pedal design, 180° – 360° drifting wheels, and powerful motors, children are in for an exhilarating experience, all while improving their motor skills, agility, and critical thinking.

Maintenance and Longevity: Tips for Keeping the Vehicle in Top Shape

The kart’s build is durable, but like all vehicles, taking care of it will ensure longevity. Ensure the battery’s health by charging it adequately and avoiding driving on extremely rough terrains to protect the EVA-rubber wheels.

Availability and Pricing: Where to Buy and Cost Considerations

The 24V Kids’ Ultra-Violent Edition Drifting Go-Kart is available exclusively from KIDS VIP, ready to be a part of your child’s adventurous journey!

Unboxing and Assembly: What to Expect

Receiving and setting up your new kart is hassle-free. Although it comes about 70% pre-assembled, a detailed manual guides you through the remaining steps. An assistance video can also be provided upon request. And don’t fret about minor aesthetic imperfections; they’re a natural part of the manufacturing process and don’t compromise the kart’s performance.

Warranty and After-Sales Support: Ensuring Your Investment

KidsVip backs the kart with a 6-month warranty on electrical parts, wheels, and non-electrical components. They also offer extended 2 or 3-year warranties, ensuring peace of mind with your purchase.


Customer Reviews

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Presley Brack

Superb! The kids love this speedy drift kart they having a blast!

Finnley Fitzgerald

Excellent workmanship and simple construction