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Sport Edition 12v Trailcat Big Wheels Kids Ride on Truck with RC

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Feature Description
Brand Sport Edition 12v Trailcat Big Wheels Kids Ride on Truck with RC
Color Red
Seats UPGRADED: 1 Seat
Opening doors YES
Seat belt YES
SD card input UPGRADED: YES
Lights YES
Battery life indicator UPGRADED: YES
Wheels/Tires Material UPGRADED: Oversized Wheels
Soft start and stop UPGRADED: YES
Brake type Automatic when Pedal is Released
Parental remote YES
Remote type UPGRADED: 2.4ghz w/ Emergency Stop Button
Charger included YES
Battery UPGRADED: 12V 10amp Battery
Motors UPGRADED: 2X12V HD Bigger Motors
Maximum speed 2-4 MPH
Dimensions 47′ x 30′ x 30′ in
Carrying weight Up to 50 Lbs.
Recommended age 2 – 5 years
Charging Time 8-12 hours
Play Time 50-90 min
Warranty KidsVip offers Lifetime On-Site and Remote Tech Support on all our products and provides a Warranty for 6 months on electrical parts including chargers and batteries. KidsVip also offers an additional full 2 or 3-year warranty that includes all-electric parts and support (please read more information at checkout)
Warranty battery 6 Months
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Design and Construction

An In-depth Look at the Sport Edition 12v Trailcat Big Wheels Kids Ride-on Truck with RC

Introducing the Sport Edition 12v Trailcat Big Wheels Kids Ride-on Truck with RC, the epitome of kiddie luxury and thrills on wheels. This machine, tailor-made for little adventurers, promises an immersive and exhilarating driving experience. It perfectly combines a sleek design with top-tier functionality.

Construction and Durability: Materials and Build Quality

Engineered with precision, the Sport Edition 12v Trailcat Big Wheels Kids Ride-on Truck boasts a robust build that promises durability. Designed to tackle both the smooth terrains of your backyard and the rugged adventures kids crave, this ride-on truck stands the test of time and terrain. Its aesthetic appeal is matched by its rugged resilience, ensuring it remains a playground favorite for years to come.

Safety Features: Keeping Kids Safe During Playtime

Safety isn’t just a feature; it’s a priority. The Sport Edition 12v Trailcat ensures our young drivers are secure, providing parents with peace of mind. Kids are buckled up with seat belts, ensuring they remain safe while they ride. Furthermore, with the inclusion of LED lights, evening adventures are not only possible but are also safe, ensuring clear visibility.

Entertainment and Comfort

Luxury Interiors: Seating, Dashboard, and Controls

Step inside the Sport Edition 12v Trailcat, and you’re greeted with luxury. The plush seating ensures comfort, allowing our young drivers to enjoy extended periods of fun-filled adventures. The intuitive dashboard, complete with a realistic steering wheel, pedal accelerator, and forward/reverse controls, ensures a lifelike driving experience.

Fun Features: Lights, Sounds, and More

Why just drive when you can ride in style? The built-in entertainment system promises to elevate every journey, allowing kids to jam to their favorite tunes, thanks to the MP3, SD card, and USB input features.

Remote Control Capability: For Parents’ Peace of Mind

The Sport Edition 12v Trailcat introduces an innovative feature – parental remote control. This means parents can join in the fun, guiding the ride-on truck and ensuring every adventure is safe. The upgraded remote control is intuitive, allowing parents to steer the vehicle in any direction. And with the emergency stop button, immediate intervention is always within reach.

User Experience

Ride Quality and Comfort: What Kids Can Expect

Adventure awaits with the Sport Edition 12v Trailcat. Every ride promises to be smooth and thrilling, thanks to the upgraded shock absorbers. The larger wheels not only add to the aesthetic appeal but also ensure top-notch traction, making off-road adventures a breeze. With speeds ranging from 2-4 MPH, it’s the perfect blend of excitement and safety.

Maintenance and Longevity: Tips for Keeping the Vehicle in Top Shape

Ensure longevity by regularly inspecting the vehicle for any wear and tear. It’s also essential to charge the battery as recommended, ensuring maximum playtime for kids and extended battery life.

Unboxing and Assembly: What to Expect

Expect a seamless unboxing experience. Inside, you’ll find all components neatly packed, ensuring a swift and straightforward assembly. Charge the 12V 10amp battery fully before the inaugural ride to ensure peak performance.

Warranty and After-Sales Support: Ensuring Your Investment

Peace of mind is guaranteed with the comprehensive warranty package. KidsVip’s standard warranty covers 6 months on electrical parts, including chargers and batteries. For those seeking extended coverage, there’s the option of a 2 or 3-year warranty. With KidsVip’s promise of lifetime on-site and remote tech support, your investment is always protected.


Additional information

Additional information

Weight 75 kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Tiffany Garner

This mini jeep was the perfect gift for the birthday of my grandson!!! It arrived exactly as planned and was carefully packaged; there was neither a missing item nor anything that was broken! Love it


Both the service and the goods were excellent. As my little child gets older, I might need to upgrade to a larger model.

Bobby Gallagher

The ideal toy vehicle for my three-year-old son! It is something that he adores doing.

Elvis Hodge

quite difficult to put together. The installation guide might need some clarification. I really like how it turned out, my son is pleased with it overall

Lilly-Grace Lamb

His first birthday was this past weekend and he got to ride around in his first "car." He is obviously too young for it, but the parental controls make it the ideal choice for both him and his father. The jeep was my first vehicle, the jeep was his father's first vehicle, and now he can claim the same about his first vehicle.