Eco Leather Seat for 24V Unimog UTV


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Eco Leather Seat for 24V Unimog UTV

Upgrade your child’s ride-on car with the high-quality Eco Leather Seat designed specifically for the 24V Unimog UTV. This essential part not only enhances the overall aesthetics of the vehicle but also provides a range of benefits to elevate your child’s riding experience.

Main Features:

  • Premium Quality: Crafted from eco-leather, this seat offers durability and longevity, ensuring it withstands the rigors of energetic playtime.

  • Comfortable Design: The ergonomic construction provides optimal comfort for your child during their thrilling adventures, allowing them to enjoy extended hours of play without any discomfort.

  • Perfect Fit: Designed to seamlessly integrate with the 24V Unimog UTV, this seat offers a precise fit that ensures a secure and stable installation.


  1. Enhanced Safety: The Eco Leather Seat prioritizes your child’s safety, providing them with a stable and secure seating arrangement while driving their ride-on car. This reduces the risk of accidents or falls during playtime.

  2. Improved Aesthetics: With its sleek and stylish design, this seat adds a touch of sophistication to the 24V Unimog UTV. It not only enhances the overall appearance of the vehicle but also gives it a realistic and authentic feel.

  3. Prolonged Durability: By replacing broken or lost original parts with the Eco Leather Seat, you can ensure the longevity of your child’s ride-on car. This part is built to last, making it a valuable investment for long-term use.

Compatibility Information:

To ensure compatibility between the Eco Leather Seat and your ride-on car model, we recommend contacting our Customer Support. Our team of experts will assist you in verifying the compatibility to prevent any potential issues or returns. Please reach out to us at 844-543-7847 or via email at

Customer Support Information:

We value your satisfaction and are dedicated to providing excellent customer support. If you have any questions, concerns, or require assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable support team. You can contact us at 844-543-7847 or send an email to We are here to help and ensure your experience with our products is exceptional.

Please note that the Eco Leather Seat for 24V Unimog UTV is considered a Final Sale item and is non-refundable or exchangeable. Therefore, it is essential to verify compatibility before making your purchase.