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Receiver for 24v Speedster Go Kart

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Receiver for 24v Speedster Go Kart Product Description

Introducing the Receiver for 24v Speedster Go Kart, the essential part that will restore your ride-on car’s performance and ensure it works properly. Designed to replace the original receiver, this part is a necessary component for maintaining the functionality of your ride-on car.

Main Features:

– Restores Performance: The Receiver for 24v Speedster Go Kart is specifically designed to restore the performance of your ride-on car. By replacing the original receiver, you can ensure that your car operates smoothly and efficiently.

– Enhances Functionality: This receiver is a crucial part that allows your ride-on car to receive signals from the remote control. With this replacement part, you can enjoy the full functionality of your ride-on car and control it effortlessly.

– Easy Installation: Installing the Receiver for 24v Speedster Go Kart is a breeze. Simply follow the instructions provided, and you’ll have your ride-on car up and running in no time. No need to worry about complicated installations or technical difficulties.


– Improved Performance: By replacing the original receiver with this high-quality part, you can experience improved performance from your ride-on car. Enjoy smoother rides and enhanced control over your vehicle.

– Compatibility: The Receiver for 24v Speedster Go Kart is compatible with a range of ride-on car models. Please refer to the compatibility information below to ensure that this part is suitable for your specific ride-on car model.

Compatibility Information:

– Compatible with the following ride-on car models: [List compatible ride-on car models here]. Please note that this part may not be compatible with other models not listed.

– It is crucial to inform customers about compatibility to prevent any potential issues and returns. Please ensure that this part is compatible with your ride-on car model before making a purchase.

Customer Support Information:

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Phone: 844-543-7847

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