Official 2 Seats 2x12V Dump Mack Truck Kids and Toddlers Ride on Car, Rubber Wheels, RC


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Specification Description
Brand Official 2 Seats 2x12V Mack Truck Kids and Toddlers Ride on Car, Rubber Wheels, Leather Seat, RC
Color RED
Painted color UPGRADED: YES
Seats UPGRADED: Eco Leather Bench for 2 Riders
Opening doors YES
Seat belt NA
Music YES
SD card input UPGRADED: YES
Bluetooth NA
Lights Headlights/Taillights
Shock Absorbers UPGRADED: YES
Battery life indicator UPGRADED: YES
Wheels/Tires Material UPGRADED: Eva Rubber Wheels
Start type Push-button
Brake type Automatic when Pedal is Released
Parental remote YES
Remote type UPGRADED: 2.4ghz soft start
Charger included YES
Battery UPGRADED: 2 x 12V Batteries
Motors UPGRADED: HP 12V Motors
Maximum speed 3-5 MPH
Dimensions 51″ x 32″ x 28″
Carrying weight Up to 100 Lbs.
Recommended age 1 – 6 years
Charging Time 8-12 hours
Play Time 50-90 min

Design and Construction

An In-depth Look at the Official 2 Seats 2x12V Dump Mack Truck Kids and Toddlers Ride on Car, Rubber Wheels, RC

Kidsvip presents the Official 2 Seats 2x12V Dump Mack Truck, a thrilling and realistic ride-on car designed to bring joy and excitement to young adventurers. Inspired by the iconic Mack Truck, this ride-on is upgraded from top to bottom, offering an unparalleled playtime experience for kids and toddlers.

Construction and Durability: Materials and Build Quality

Crafted with utmost care and precision, this Mack Truck ride-on boasts premium materials and outstanding build quality. From the authentic paint “cabin” to the EVA rubber wheels, every detail has been carefully considered to mimic the appearance of a real truck. The sturdy construction ensures lasting durability, allowing kids to embark on countless thrilling adventures.

Safety Features: Keeping Kids Safe During Playtime

At Kidsvip, we prioritize safety above all else. This Mack Truck ride-on comes equipped with an emergency stop button, providing parents with peace of mind during playtime. Additionally, the ride-on is designed with high-quality LED bright lights, enhancing visibility and ensuring a safe ride, even in low-light conditions. With the highest ASTM certification, you can trust that this ride-on meets strict safety standards for worry-free play.

Entertainment and Comfort

Luxury Interiors: Seating, Dashboard, and Controls

Step inside the cabin of the Official 2 Seats 2x12V Dump Mack Truck and experience the lap of luxury! The plush Eco Leather Bench seats provide utmost comfort for two riders, making this ride-on perfect for sharing exciting adventures with a friend. The detailed dashboard and controls give little drivers a sense of being behind the wheel of a real truck, fueling their imaginative play.

Fun Features: Lights, Sounds, and More

Buckle up for an entertaining journey! This Mack Truck ride-on comes equipped with music capabilities, allowing kids to play their favorite tunes via MP3, USB, or SD inputs. The ride-on’s headlights and taillights illuminate the way, adding to the authenticity of the driving experience. The inclusion of shock absorbers enhances the ride quality, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey every time.

Remote Control Capability: For Parents’ Peace of Mind

Parents can take the wheel, figuratively speaking, with the remote control feature. The 2.4GHz soft start remote allows parents to guide their little ones on exciting adventures, especially if the child is too young to reach the pedal. With the remote control, parents can rest assured that their child’s ride is both enjoyable and safe.

User Experience

Ride Quality and Comfort: What Kids Can Expect

The Official 2 Seats 2x12V Dump Mack Truck delivers an exceptional ride quality, thanks to its upgraded features and reliable performance. Kids will love the feeling of cruising around in this spacious and comfortable ride-on, fueling their imagination and encouraging outdoor play.

At Kidsvip, we understand the importance of delivering a product that exceeds expectations. The Official 2 Seats 2x12V Dump Mack Truck is a testament to our commitment to quality, safety, and, most importantly, creating unforgettable play experiences for kids and toddlers.

Kidsvip: Brand name used for this fictional article to follow the requested style.

Additional information

Additional information

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Customer Reviews

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Marnie Sanchez

I got two of them one each for my twin boys, and they just have so much fun! I got them little shovels to use in the back yard with the trucks, and it just works so well! 10/10 recommend!

Jaeden Ridley

I fell in love with this thing when I saw it on the website! It looks just like the one I drive and I just love how the little license plate says Born Ready!