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Orange Upgraded Licensed Eva Edition 2 Seater Toyota Tundra Kids Ride On Car / Truck RC

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Specification Description
Brand Upgraded Licensed Eva Edition 2 Seater Toyota Tundra Kids Ride On Car / Truck RC
Color Orange
Painted color NA
Seats UPGRADED: Leather Bench for 2 Riders
Opening doors YES
Seat belt YES
Music YES
SD card input UPGRADED: YES
Lights YES
Shock Absorbers UPGRADED: YES
Battery life indicator UPGRADED: YES
Wheels/Tires Material UPGRADED: Eva Rubber Wheels
Start type Push-button
Brake type Automatic when Pedal is Released
Parental remote YES (Please note design can vary)
Remote type UPGRADED: 2.4ghz w/ Emergency Stop Button
Charger included YES
Battery UPGRADED: Dual Power 12V 14 amp
Motors UPGRADED: 2X12v HP Motors
Speed 2/3/4 MPH
Dimensions 51’x30’x31′ in
Carrying weight UPGRADED: Up to 75Lbs.
Recommended age 2-5 years (2 Riders up to the age of 4 years old, 1 rider up to the age of 5 years old)
Charging Time 8-12 hours
Play Time 40-60 min

Design and Construction

An In-depth Look at the Upgraded Licensed Eva Edition 2 Seater Toyota Tundra Kids Ride On Car / Truck RC

The Upgraded Licensed Eva Edition 2 Seater Toyota Tundra Kids Ride On Car / Truck RC is the latest model that sets a new standard in the market for ride-on cars. Boasting a realistic and heavy look resembling the iconic Toyota Tundra truck, this ride-on is sure to impress young adventurers. The attention to detail is exceptional, with all emblems and badges accurately recreated to give kids an authentic driving experience.

Construction and Durability: Materials and Build Quality

Built with durability in mind, this ride-on car is constructed with high-quality materials to ensure a long-lasting and safe playtime experience. The seats are upgraded to luxurious leather, providing comfort and style during the ride. The addition of shock absorbers enhances the smoothness of the ride, reducing the impact on various terrains.

Safety is a top priority, and this ride-on car is equipped with features to protect young drivers. It is the only ride-on car in its category to be equipped with an emergency stop button on the remote control, allowing parents to halt the car in case of any danger. Furthermore, it is highest ASTM certified, ensuring compliance with rigorous safety standards.

Safety Features: Keeping Kids Safe During Playtime

The Upgraded Licensed Eva Edition 2 Seater Toyota Tundra Kids Ride On Car / Truck RC includes various safety features to provide parents with peace of mind. The adjustable seat belts secure children in place, while the soft-start feature ensures that the car starts slowly and gradually builds up speed to prevent sudden jolts. With the parental remote control, parents can take over control when needed, guiding their little ones on exciting adventures safely.

Entertainment and Comfort

Luxury Interiors: Seating, Dashboard, and Controls

Inside the Upgraded Licensed Eva Edition 2 Seater Toyota Tundra Kids Ride On Car / Truck RC, kids are treated to a luxurious experience. The leather bench seats provide comfort and support for up to two riders, making it perfect for siblings or friends to share in the fun. The illuminated deck not only adds a touch of elegance but also offers a convenient storage space for toys and essentials.

The dashboard comes equipped with a music interface that includes a USB/SD slot and built-in speakers, allowing kids to enjoy their favorite tunes during the ride. The user-friendly controls, including a push-button start, make it easy for young drivers to operate the car independently.

Fun Features: Lights, Sounds, and More

Entertainment is taken to another level with this ride-on car’s exciting features. The high-quality LED bright lights illuminate the path, adding to the thrilling driving experience, especially during dusk or evening playtime. Kids will be delighted by the realistic horn and other fun sounds that make the adventure even more engaging.

Remote Control Capability: For Parents’ Peace of Mind

For parents who want to keep their child’s driving under control, the remote control capability is a game-changer. The included 2.4GHz remote control allows parents to take charge when their child is still learning to drive independently. The emergency stop button on the remote control adds an extra layer of safety, ensuring parents can quickly intervene if needed.

User Experience

Ride Quality and Comfort: What Kids Can Expect

The Upgraded Licensed Eva Edition 2 Seater Toyota Tundra Kids Ride On Car / Truck RC promises a smooth and comfortable ride, thanks to the Eva rubber wheels and shock absorbers. Children can cruise over various surfaces with ease, experiencing a sense of adventure like never before.

The spacious interior and comfortable seats accommodate two riders, making it an ideal choice for playdates and shared joyrides. The ample weight capacity of up to 75 lbs ensures that kids can enjoy this ride-on car for years as they grow.

The Upgraded Licensed Eva Edition 2 Seater Toyota Tundra Kids Ride On Car / Truck RC offers a thrilling and safe driving experience for young adventurers. With its realistic design, impressive safety features, and entertaining elements, it is a top choice for parents looking to provide their kids with endless fun and excitement on wheels.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 50 kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Chris Yoder
Quality Craftsmanship

The attention to detail in these ride-on cars is remarkable. The craftsmanship is evident, making them sturdy and long-lasting.

Abby Petty

To this point, I have been very impressed. It is quick, in addition to being very nice. It is indistinguishable from the image in any way. I've been wanting to get this for my son for a few years, and he absolutely adores it. If anything changes, I'll post an update. But it has been worth it so far!

Tobias Gamble

It has a nice appearance, and a solid build quality, and the remote is easy to use.

Darsh Lott

This was purchased for my kid by his grandparents a few days ago, and he absolutely adores it. The toy that has been played with the most. This toy comes highly recommended.

Anon Anon

It was far lovely than I had anticipated.
This was purchased for my dog, who enjoys riding on anything that moves.