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Feature Description
Brand 2 Seater XXL Blade BT 4WD Edition 24V Kids Ride On UTV, Buggy with RC
Color CAMO
Painted color UPGRADED: YES
Seats UPGRADED: 2 Leather Seats (20′)
Seat belt YES
Opening doors YES
MP3 input NA
SD card input UPGRADED: YES
Motor UPGRADED: 4 X HP Motors
Lights YES
Battery life indicator UPGRADED: YES
Soft start NA
Wheels/Tires Material UPGRADED: Eva Rubber Wheels
Start type NA
Brake type Automatic when Pedal is Released
Parental remote UPGRADED: YES, with EMERGENCY STOP
Charger included YES
Battery UPGRADED: TOTAL 24V 7amp
Suspension UPGRADED: 4 Wheels suspension
Ground Clearance 15′ in
Maximum speed 4-6 mph
Dimensions 53 x 37 x 31 in
Carrying weight Up to 120 Lbs.
Ages 4 – 8 years (2 Riders up to the age of 5 and 1 Rider up to the age of 8)
Availability Product in stock

Design and Construction

An In-depth Look at the 2 Seater XXL Blade BT 4WD Edition 24V Kids Ride On UTV, Buggy with RC, Camo

The 2 Seater XXL Blade BT 4WD Edition 24V Kids Ride On UTV, Buggy with RC, Camo, available exclusively at KIDSVIP, is the ultimate off-road adventure companion for your young thrill-seekers. Crafted with adventurous kids and their friends in mind, this ride-on UTV combines style, safety, and durability to provide an unparalleled driving experience.

Construction and Durability: Materials and Build Quality

Built to outpace all rivals in the category of off-roaders, the Blade BT features sturdy construction to take on the rigors of off-roading with ease. The materials used in its design ensure both durability and safety for your child during playtime. The 2 Leather Seats (20′) with seat belts guarantee a comfortable and secure ride, accommodating two riders for shared fun.

The construction of this UTV is equipped with the latest in Ride-On Car technology. It boasts an advanced 24V powered engine that delivers quality performance all day long, while the upgraded 4 wheels suspension facilitates a smooth off-road experience like never before. Safety is a top priority, and the inclusion of an emergency stop feature in the parental remote control allows parents to take over the ride-on and stop it completely if the child is getting close to potential danger.

Safety Features: Keeping Kids Safe During Playtime

Parents can rest assured that safety is paramount with the XXL Blade BT. This ride-on UTV is one of the highest ASTM certified models, ensuring compliance with the strictest safety standards. Equipped with a seat belt, strong suspension, and a soft-start feature, kids can enjoy a secure and controlled driving experience. Additionally, the ride-on car comes with super bright LED lights, providing enhanced visibility and fun, even after hours.

Entertainment and Comfort

Luxury Interiors: Seating, Dashboard, and Controls

The 2 Seater XXL Blade BT comes with premium quality 20′ Leather seats for two riders, ensuring maximum comfort during their exciting journeys. The sleek design of the buggy extends to its dashboard and controls, giving young drivers an authentic and enjoyable driving experience. The easy-to-use steering wheel, pedal accelerator, and Forward/Reverse controller provide intuitive and fun controls for kids.

Fun Features: Lights, Sounds, and More

This UTV is not just about performance; it’s packed with entertaining features too. The Blade BT includes super bright LED lights, making the driving experience more enjoyable, especially during low-light conditions. While there is no MP3 input, kids can have fun with other features like the SD card input and USB input, providing options for music and entertainment during their adventures.

Remote Control Capability: For Parents’ Peace of Mind

The Blade BT comes with a parental remote control feature, giving parents two options for driving. Kids can take control inside the car using the steering wheel, pedal accelerator, and Forward/Reverse controller. Alternatively, parents can take the reins using the parental remote control, enabling them to control the speed and direction of the UTV. The added safety measure of an emergency stop button in the remote control further enhances parents’ peace of mind during playtime.

User Experience

Ride Quality and Comfort: What Kids Can Expect

With upgraded 4WD motors and EVA hard rubber wheels, the Blade BT offers the best possible traction capabilities for an exciting and smooth off-road experience. Its spacious interior allows kids to take their friends or siblings on a super comfy drive on the open trail. The UTV is designed to deliver seamless ‘off-road’ driving experience above and beyond your child’s expectations.

In terms of battery life, the XXL Blade BT has been upgraded to a total 24V 7amp battery, ensuring sufficient power and durability for extended play sessions. Parents will appreciate the battery life indicator feature, which lets them know when it’s time for a recharge.

The 2 Seater XXL Blade BT 4WD Edition 24V Kids Ride On UTV, Buggy with RC, Camo, is a remarkable toy that combines safety, durability, and entertainment to bring nonstop joy and entertainment to your child for years to come. With its outstanding design, top-notch safety features, and various entertainment options, this ride-on UTV is the perfect companion for your young adventurers.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 50 kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Edgar Bates

So much leg room!!!!!

Eric Lyons

We love the camo color, my husband is in the military so this is really cool for, overall it is just a cool buggy that my son uses almost everyday,

Pollyanna Kennedy

I have bought form them before, was not disappointed then, and defiantly not now. With both this ATV and the previous ones, my kids love! I my older one always comes running into the room showing my his new fav car from the website, asking if we can get it.

Cairo Mcdowell

Purchased for my 4 yo kiddo. The built-in MP3 player is his favourite feature, and he gushes about it constantly. Every time he rides it, and even when it is just sitting within the hose, he makes sure that it is turned on.

If you ride between one and two kilometres each day, the battery will last for a number of days.

Maria Anthony

The service was great and it arrived very quickly. My son loves his gift!