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Grey Giant Official Limited Edition Lamborghini SV 24V/180W for Big Kids, Up to 10MPH!!!

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The Officially Licensed XXL Edition Lamborghini Ride-on Supercar is here, and Kids VIP couldn't be more excited to unveil this huge, 

fashionable, improved, and luxurious addition to our product line. 

Adjustable extra-wide eco-leather seats and seatbelts are included in this new authentic Lamborghini XXL ride-on automobile. 

Inside is where this Incredible Ride really begins to take off! Its unique and improved ALL STEEL frame allows for use by people weighing up to 200 pounds.  

The KIDSVIP Lamborghini SV XXL EDITION's 180W brushless motor and distinctive strong differential gearbox are, without a doubt, the most impressive characteristics. 


The authentic Lamborghini SV is a rare and desirable vehicle that offers a genuine driving experience with its speed control pedal, 

dual brake discs, brake pedal, and parking hand brake.  

Now, everyone can join in the action with unprecedented velocity, faultless motor efficiency, and, of course, extraterrestrial forms of amusement. 

I mean, how awesome is that? 

Your kid will be the envy of the neighborhood in their XXL 24V Lamborghini SV, the sleek and powerful ride-on that they've been fantasizing about.

Kidsvip Exclusive Ride On Car Dealership For Kids 1 Grey Giant Official Limited Edition Lamborghini Sv 24V/180W For Big Kids, Up To 10Mph!!!

    Brand XXL Big Kids 2 Seater Lamborghini Ride-On 24v Supercar With 180W Brushless Motor and Rubber Wheels
    Color:   Grey
    Size :    XXL OVERSIZED: 69.2 x 42.5 x 24.8′ 
    Seats:     UPGRADED: 2 Eco Leather Seats 
    Seat belt:     YES
    Opening doors:     YES
  Volume Control:   UPGRADED: YES
   Music inputs:    UPGRADED: YES
  Dors :     UPGRADED: YES, Hydraulic scissor doors
    Motor      UPGRADED: 180w Brushless Motor+differntial 
    Lights:     YES, Front and Brake Lights
    Battery life indicator:     UPGRADED: YES
    Parking Brake:   UPGRADED: YES, Hand parking brake


    Wheels/Tires Material:     UPGRADED:  Real, Tubeless inflatable wheels
    Start type:     Push Start
    Brake:   Yes, All Metal Gears
    Parental remote:    NO
    Steering Wheel:     UPGRADED:  Power Steering Wheel
    Charger included:     YES
    Battery:     UPGRADED: TOTAL 24V 14AMP  Total power
    Frame Material     UPGRADED: All Steel
  Axel:     UPGRADED: Heavy-Duty Differential
  Suspension:   UPGRADED: All wheels 
    Maximum speed:    UP TO 9 mph
    Dimensions:   UPGRADED: 69.2 x 42.5 x 24.8′ 
    Carrying weight:     Up to 200 Lbs.
   Ages :     6 years and up
    Availability: IN STOCK


KidsVip offers Lifetime On-Site and Remote Tech Support on all our products and provides a Warranty for 6 months on electrical parts including chargers and batteries.

KidsVip also offers additional  full 2 or 3 years warranty that includes all-electric parts  and support (please read more information at checkout)

The Assemblage of our Ride-On Cars:

When purchasing and receiving one of our ride-on cars, we make sure the assemblage process is easy and quick, which is the reason why our electric cars come around seventy percent pre-assembled and only require some minor touches. Assembling our cars is not a hassle at all; we send a detailed manual along with the package that explains all the few necessary steps to set up the ride on and an assistance video can be provided per request. These steps do not involve any cable handling and will mostly include installing the wheels as well as the steering wheel. For the electronics part, you will only be required to connect the plugin to the “contact”.

Please note that, during the manufacturing process, the plastic of the car has to be bent and molded, which will result in small indentations, light scratches, or pressure marks on the bodywork. These will NOT affect the overall performance or design of the ride-on car and will still have all high-end specifications of our upgraded models.

Surface nature when Driving:

Surface influences the speed of electric cars. When driving over a soft surface, you will probably notice a reduction of the ride on the car’s speed, which is why we advise driving our electric cars over a solid surface. The same goes for riding grass: although it is definitely possible, it will reduce the speed of the car.

Battery’s extra strength:

In order to ensure our customer’s satisfaction, we take pride in equipping all our electric cars with an extra-strong battery that guarantees power and durability. Our years of experience showed us that having a stronger battery avoids the necessity to replace it sooner.

Ride on cars’ safety:

We are taking child safety very seriously, which reflects our high safety standards: starting with the seat belt that is adjustable and a strong suspension, our ride ons also have a soft-start feature that ensures the car’s speed is initially slow and builds up gradually to prevent any fear or shock when driving our models. Last but not least, all our electric cars include a parental remote control that permits the parents to assist their children with the driving process when necessary.


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Additional information

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