Maserati cars for Kids

Luxury, sports, power, and style cast in exclusive cars” is the way Maserati describes their lavish cars and the electric kids’ cars uphold this by being a piece of perfection for your children. The blend of power and comfort/ luxury is always in equal measure when it comes to Maserati.

Our Maserati ride-on cars are the exact replicas of their respective models so that your kids can have the real Maserati experience. This makes them perfect for gifting your kids during birthdays, holidays, or when you want them to get more active.

Let your kids ride in style!

Skills Improved by the Maserati cars for Kids

Exploration and adventure

The outdoors contains many beautiful things for your kids to explore, learn, and venture into. By buying them a Maserati kid’s car, you keep them interested in more outdoor adventure.

Cognitive Coordination

The development of cognitive coordination is essential in life. Coordination is always required when planning and carrying out tasks, whether demanding or otherwise. By providing them with a Maserati kids’ car, you offer them a challenge to learn hand-eye coordination and all other driving processes.


There’s nothing more fun than watching your kids compete with their friends. A Maserati ride-on car is one of the top ways to create a competitive environment for your kids. Competition happens through races, maintaining their cars, and custom designing patterns and stickers on their cars, among other ways. By developing a healthy competition in your kids, you help them become competitive in their adult lives, and they never give up.

Driving Skills

Maserati electric cars for kids help your children develop driving skills. They learn how to steer, brake, and accelerate, which comes in handy once they own a real car. They also learn about the rules followed when driving such as keeping your vehicle in the right lane, when and where to take a turn, and safety measures.

Main Features of Maserati e Electric Cars for Kids

Our Maserati ride-on cars collection is extensive. They have different features and designs to choose from as per your kids’ preference. Some of the main Maserati features in our collection include:


Our Maserati ride-on cars have working LED lights similar to those of their respective models. This makes the cars beautiful and fun to drive.

Inbuilt Media

A beautiful drive through the neighborhood deserves complementary music to make the ride lively. Our Maserati ride-on cars have auxiliary MP3 outputs, USB ports, radio, and some are loaded with songs ready to play.

Varying Speeds

Maserati electric cars for kids come with varying speeds, i.e., low speeds for beginners and high speeds for experts.

Dual Controls

Remote and manual controls are integrated into these electric cars for kids to ensure safety. Remote controls come into play when your kids are training, and manual controls give them total control of the car.

High-Quality Construction

Our Maserati cars for kids feature heavy-duty construction for durability and safety. Every component is built to last.

Replica Designs

The Maserati ride-on cars are built to mimic the design of their corresponding models, including the sound they make when you start the engine. This allows your kids to have the real Maserati experience.

Buying Guide. Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Kids Electric Car

Your Kids’ Age

Each electric kid’s car has an age limit to ensure that it can comfortably accommodate your child. Buy a car that is fit for your kid to ensure that they enjoy without any limitations.

Additional Features

These are features integrated into the car to make it more exclusive. They always make your kid love and appreciate the car even more.


Purchase your kids favorite model, especially the same model that you drive or would like to own someday.

Protective Features

Your kids’ safety always comes first. Purchase an electric kids’ car with safety belts to hold them on their sits when driving. Also, check to make sure that the wheels and other components are non-toxic.


Purchase a ride-on car with both manual and remote controls. This allows you to take control of the car for your kids’ safety, especially when they’re still in training.

Battery Capacity

The battery capacity and the car’s carrying capacity are positively correlated. Always buy a Maserati kids’ car with optimal battery capacity to support your kids’ weight. The most common battery capacities include 6V, 12V, and 24v.

Get your kid a Maserati car for kids and watch them explore and have fun all day long. Some of our models include the Style JE, GranCabrio, GranTurismo, and Alfieri Led Edition.

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