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Land Rover & Range Rover Cars For Kids

The Range Rover and Land Rover is associated with power and extreme off-road performance. This comes packed in luxury, elegance, and unique style. The same case applies to our powerful replicas meant for your kids.

At Kids VIP, we offer you the best ride-on cars for your kids to enjoy the feel of comfort while having fun.

How to Choose the Best Car for Your Kid

Safety: This is the first feature you should look for when acquiring a ride on car for your kid. Safety features include a smooth construction without pointy ends and well-hidden electrical mechanisms. Proper safety belts and other features that protect your child are important in the 2 seat vehicle.
Construction: A durable, heavy-duty construction on the outside and inside are important. This ensures that the car serves your kid for many years. The materials used should be nontoxic.
Age: Every ride-on car has its age limit. This is based on the available space and the weight it can comfortably accommodate. For example, our Land Rover defender is suitable for kids between 2 to 5 years old. It has a weight limit of 80lbs and max height of 43”.
Model: If you own any Range Rover or aspire to buy one, you should buy your kid the same model.

Purchase one of our Land Rover or Range Rovers and let its power & elegance fill your kid’s world.