BMW Cars for Kids & Children

Most ride-on cars are aimed at children aged 2-6 years. But if you are a parent of an over 7 years old kid, you should not fear. There are options for you. For example, the 2019 Ride on BMW i3 Car for kids has all the features kids above 7 years need. After buying the car, you will realize why many parents have been doing that too. The car combines safety, style, design and quality.

Skills that the BMW Car for kids improves

When operated properly and safely, electric ride on cars for kids provide great opportunities for children to practice what they are unlikely to be taught in school. Some of the skills they are likely to develop include:

  • Fine and gross motor skills

When operating a vehicle in different road terrains, manipulating the dashboard and closing and opening doors, your kid will be using both gross and fine motor skills.

  • Competitiveness

Kids feel good when competing against their friends. Ride on vehicles will help them learn healthy competition from a young age and they will rarely give up.

  • Adventure and exploration

Unlike indoor games, ride on cars will not glue your kids indoors. As a result, they will be able to explore the neighborhood and learn more. To help them with the exploration, you just need to buy them a stylish BMW i3 ride on car.

  • Exercise and exploration

When riding, your child will burn calories and explore the outside world.

  • The sense of balance

When driving, your child will develop a better sense of balance. Kids who play with ride-on toys learn to ride bikes faster and to use roller skates and roller blades easily because they are able to distribute their weight when operating vehicles on different surfaces.

Main features of BMW Kid’s Electric Cars that you will like

Each BMW Kid’s Electric Car comes with unique features that will make our kid happy. The features play an important role during the selection of a good model. The features include:

  • Heavy duty construction

This should be the first feature to check when buying a BMW ride on car for your kid. The vehicles are made of strong durable plastic construction to ensure that your kid will ride for many years.

  • Varying Speeds

Most BMW ride on vehicles for kids come with varying speeds and the reverse function.

  • Manual and remote control

The BMW cars for kids have remote and manual control features.

  • Lights

Another feature you will like about the Ride on BMW cars for kids is the headlights. The manufacturer makes them mimic those of the real vehicles.

  • Built-in MP3/Music/USB input

The cars come with auxiliary MP3/USB connection. That allows the kid to listen to music as he/she rides the car around the neighborhood.

How to choose a car for your kid

Here are some of the factors to consider:

  • The age of your kid

The first thing you should think of when buying a car for your kid is his/her age. Manufacturers create models specifically for certain age groups. The car you choose should accommodate the size of your kid and will have many features aligning with his/her age. A quick example, the BMW i3 is ideal for kids below 5 years.

  • The vehicle model

Before buying any car for your kid, you will have to ask him/her about the model he/she likes. If you have been driving a BMW model, you have to buy something similar for your kid such as the BMW X6 for kids.

  • The safety features

The safety of your child is important and it has to remain in your mind throughout the purchase process. Electric cars are fun to ride around the neighborhood but they come with many risks. Ensure that the vehicle comes with an adjustable safety belt that can keep your kid glued to his seat when riding. The other important thing is the absence of sharp edges and electronics that can injure your child.

  • The controls

Most electrical cars for kids will have both automatic and remote control options. Remote controls are a proven safety feature and with them, your child will remain in check. Remote controls are more important if your child is still learning to drive ride on cars. Some of the manual controls to expect include pedals, steering wheel and gear. With manual control, your kid will remain in full control of the car.