Kids Audi Cars

Audi cars are from Germany. Just like any other products from Germany, these cars feature stylish designs and premium construction. When it comes to the Audi kids’ cars, the same classy designs and heavy-duty construction applies to provide your kid with a durable and luxurious ride on.

At Kids VIP, we provide you with the following elegant kid’s Audi models: Audi A3, R8, RS5, TT, and Q Series.

Skills Improved by Owning an Audi Kids Car

  • Fine motor skills

This involves the ability to apply fine physical skills to tackle tasks. When you kids ride on the Audi kid’s car, they learn how to handle the steering wheel, manipulating dashboards and working with other parts that require fine skills. By doing so, they develop excellent motor skills.

  • Cognitive Development

Operating an Audi ride-on car involves several related mechanisms, just like in similar real models. For your kid to operate and drive the car effectively, they need to think through the whole process of starting, braking, turning, and stopping. This is cognitive thinking, and it develops faster when your kid faces new problems and learns how to solve them.

  • Exploration and Adventure

Outdoor games are always the way to go if you want your child to be curious and to learn new exciting things on their own. There’s no better way to lure them outside than using an Audi ride on car. This will let them drive and explore new places learning new things every day.

  • Competitiveness

This is one of the most critical skills in life. If your kid owns a ride on car, they’ll be able to compete with their friends in races or even in beautifying their classy cars. This makes them learn how to be healthy competitors and never to give up when challenged.

Main Features of Audi Ride on Cars

  • Design

Our Audi kids’ cars feature the exact designs of their respective models. They are designed using high-quality materials on the exterior and interior to ensure durability and prolonged use.

  • Unique features

Audi cars for kids are fitted with numerous special features to make the rides more exciting. These features include horn sounds, mimic working headlights, media output, radio, USB input and inbuilt speakers.

  • Speed

All our Audi ride-on models feature two speeds. This allows you to choose the best speed for your kid based on age and skills. For example, the Audi R8 has speeds of up to 2 mph and 4 mph.

  • Control

Our models come with both manual (wheel) and remote controls. The remote controls are used by parents to keep their kids safe when driving. This is good when your kid is still learning the intricacies of their Audi ride on.

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Kid’s ride on car

  • Safety

This always comes first when dealing with kids. Choose a car that has safety features such as a safety belt and covered electric components. This keeps your kids safe whenever they go for a ride.

  • Age

Each ride on car has an age limit. This is usually given based on the size of the car and its intricacies. For example, our Audi R8 is suitable for 2 to 4-year-old kids.

  • Construction

This involves the design of the car and how good the construction material used is. The car you choose for your kid should be heavy-duty to ensure prolonged and safe use. This applies to the type of tires as well.

  • Uniqueness

Kids love having unique toys to play with. Select a ride-on car with lots of unique features to keep your kid interested in riding the car regularly.

Let your kids enjoy the luxurious looks and features of our top Audi kids’ cars. Let them ride in style. Get in touch with us in case you have any queries about Audi ride-on cars.